Compressor Settings For Vocals

Compressor settings for vocals can be hard to understand especially if you’re used to using digital compressors. Vocal compression settings are hard to understand because they’re not a single number but instead a series of numbers. The compressor uses algorithms to determine what your sound should sound like. However, some settings make sounds better than others.

Keep in mind that the compression settings for vocals are subjective. I recommend listening to recordings of songs you like and try to adjust the volume. A good way to listen is to play them loud and then play them quiet. Listen to the difference in the notes of each song. If there’s an obvious difference you’ve found a compressor setting that makes the song sound great. On the other hand, if the notes aren’t as pronounced it might be due to a simple error in the settings.

Compressor settings for vocals are very important and may even dictate the end of a song. If you’re not careful you can end up making a song sound like it’s already out of your limits. If you’ve got a technical background like I do you should be able to figure out how to tweak your compressor settings. You can start by trying to add a bit of compression to the low end, but be careful not to make the low end sound bad!