Compressor Isolation Pads

Compressor isolation pads are usually used in automobile compressors. They help by isolating the spark plug wires from the main electrical system. This helps the engine to run more smoothly. They also prevent any sparking problems. You can fix your kit yourself. Here are a few tips for replacing these isolation pads:

It is best to get the pads cut to size before you begin removing them. This will make it easier to install the new ones. Remove the screws on the front of the vehicle. Put on the new pads and then screw on the screws. Place the bolts and screws on a piece of plywood and screw the isolation pads into the holes. Be sure to keep them as tight as possible as they are tightening by friction with the metal of the transmission.

Next, re-use your tools. If you used them all before, take them out and start cutting the pieces of material off. Take them to the garbage dump. This will be better for the environment. Clean off the dust particles and place the insulation of the connections to the ground or vehicle. For the truck you need to be careful because there is an electric circuit that needs to be completely disconnected when re-using the tool. Then, replace the isolation pads on the radiator hoses.