Compressor Clutch Relay

A compressor clutch relay is a device that is most commonly used to detect pressure changes in a compressor. It is also known as the shock clutch spring relay, because of its ability to operate as a shock absorber when the compressor is operating. The two types of relays are the pressure-activated and the pressure-detect.

The first type of relay has two parts – one part of which functions as a seat for the other – this is where the “seat” is located. This seat keeps the piston rod from moving up and down without any connection between the piston rod and the top of the casing. The second part of the clutch-detector does not have a seat, but it is attached directly to the cylinder of the device through its port. The location of the seat determines whether the piston rod will move up or down.

The clutch is considered as one of the most important parts of a compressor. This clutch can be said to be very useful in stopping the compressor from moving up and down when it is under load. Without the clutch, the machine is considered to be an automatic engine. If the clutch fails, the compressor will only be able to hold a certain amount of pressure, which will result to catastrophic damage. If you are interested in owning a compressor, you may want to consider purchasing one with an excellent clutch.