Common Problems With Condenser Pressure Switch

Condenser pressure switch is a small device with a small tube or a small rod that is attached to the high pressure side of the condenser. When the high pressure is connected to the condenser, the thermostat is now able to work properly. But sometimes the high pressure gets disconnected from the condenser and then it becomes impossible for the thermostat to operate properly. When this happens the power supply to the device is interrupted and thus the thermostat becomes not effective.

You will find two ways to handle this condition and that is either to change the condenser or disconnect the high pressure pipe from the condenser. Now, if you are changing the condenser, it is necessary to make sure that the device is completely drained before you take any actions. If you try to do this on your own and you don’t have any experience in this field, you might just end up damaging the device. In fact, the only way to drain the condenser is to have the device completely detached. In addition, you will find that this type of procedure might be a bit tricky because you will need to reconnect the pressure supply before you disconnect the high pressure line. On the other hand, disconnecting the high pressure from the device requires you to have some special skills. Since the device has been disconnected from the power supply, you should be sure that you can get the necessary tools and stuff before you start the process.

After you get the device safely detached from the power supply, you can turn on the thermostat to a particular temperature. You will find that the Thermostat may switch off if you change the temperature too much. The best option for you is to make a few adjustments before the temperature reaches a certain level. However, if you want to have a good result, you should wait for the final temperature of the device before you switch it off.