Cleaning an Evaporator Coil Drain Pan

If you have an evaporator coil drain pan that has been sitting on the floor for years, it can be time to get it cleaned up. There are a number of things you need to consider before you do this. First of all, you will need to check the drain plug to see if it is rusty. A coil drain pan is a good investment for any home, but you do need to make sure it is in top shape before you begin using it. You should also make sure you do not use harsh chemicals to clean it, as this can cause rusting on your drain pan and the metal parts of it.

After you have determined that your drain pan is not rusted, you will need to clean it with a solution that will help dissolve the rust that is in it. This solution can be applied using a sponge or can be poured directly onto the pan after applying to it with a sponge. The best solution to use is a solution that is dishwasher safe because it is easy to use. The best way to clean an evaporator coil drain pan is to pour some of the dish washing detergent onto the drain pan and let it sit for a while. Then, you will want to rinse the drain pan off of your car, and then use the same solution to help loosen up any rust that is in there.

If you are not confident that you can remove the rusted drain pan from your car, you may have to call a professional to have it removed for you. A professional will know what to do to keep your drain pan rust free. However, you can clean out any rust problems in your coil drain pan by taking care of one thing. You will need to clean out any areas in your car where you drain the water out of the evaporator coils so they are properly cleaned.