Checking Your Evaporator Coils Regularly

Evaporator coils are one of the most important parts of your house and should be replaced periodically to ensure a cool and dry environment. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about if your home’s heat evaporator coil has frozen, especially in the case of a hurricane or snow storm. However, the time when they will most likely thaw is from summer to winter.

As stated earlier, during these seasons it will not be uncommon for the evaporator coils to freeze. This is due to high moisture content and winter air which are too dry to allow any air to enter. This causes condensation, which then freezes on the coil. In most cases, it will take up to a few months before the coil thaws out. Even in this long process, it will still be possible to know that the evaporator coil has frozen if you feel a slight drop in the heat, particularly after the heater has been turned off.

One option that you have when it comes to checking the status of your evaporator coils is by purchasing a thermometer. With this type of device, you will be able to see the temperature of the condensate. If you notice an elevation in the temperature of the condensate, it means that the coils have frozen. It will also mean that the coil has thawed out. If you have a device like this in your home, make sure that you check it regularly. You don’t want to be caught short-handed when an emergency arises.