Causes Of Pumped Compressor Noise

compressor noise

Causes Of Pumped Compressor Noise

If you have ever heard of compressor noise then you have heard it from others who have recently purchased their own compressor. Compressor noise is often referred to as compressor whine. The noise can be quite annoying. What a compressor does is basically store or compress air inside a cylinder that holds the air inside the cylinder until it is needed. It works very well when used for applications that require a large amount of air, like when a fire alarm needs to be set off or when a car engine needs to be tested.

When using compressed air from a compressor is really quite small. Compressed air is also able to act as a great source of space and light that could come in handy if there are any accidents. It’s a nice asset if you have any type of shop around your home. Using compressed air has always been a good thing. As long as you use compressed air properly and the correct precautions then the compressor noise you hear is not harmful to anyone around you. The problem can arise when the air is stored incorrectly and causes the air to expand. This expansion can cause the air to travel faster and cause the compressor to overheat and eventually cause damage to the compressor.

The only way to combat the compressor noise is to make sure that you know how to use your compressor correctly. There are several different ways to store the air properly. Some people use the modern style of air compressor, that will also keep the compressor much cooler. You will need to make sure that the air is not stored in an enclosed container and use a smaller compressor for smaller jobs. Make sure that the directions on the instructions of the compressor are followed completely. A lot of times, people get excited when they are using their air compressor and do not pay attention to the directions because it just sounds better.