C-Logic Compressor XAS 97 DD

XAS 97 DD is a big new release from C-Logic, the company that invented the Compressor XAS. Unlike the older model of C-Logic, this version comes with two special features that are definitely worth mentioning – automatic calibration and digital engine calibration. This is a high end product that has been designed to be an extremely efficient compressor for the most demanding applications.

There are two different types of C-Logic Compressor XAS – one is the one that we have now and the other is the upgraded model that came out in the year 2020. The newer model is known as the Compressor XAS 97 DD. This newer model is still very efficient when compared to the old model. In fact, it is even better in many ways. It has two special features, which makes it even more efficient. The first feature is an automatic calibration which allows you to calibrate the equipment so that you do not have to manually calibrate the device every time. This makes it easier to make a better calibration every time and as long as you are accurate in your calibration, the output will be accurate.

The second feature is a digital engine calibration which allows you to tune the performance of the compressor without actually calibrating it. This is because the calibration is done by a computer that operates the compressor. It is because of this feature that the C-Logic compressor is now called the C-Logic Digital Engine Compressor. As a result, you get great efficiency from this compressor even though you do not need to do any calibrations. This is one great new product that helps you to save lots of money in the long run.