A Review of the Furnace Golem

The Furnace Golem is a rather disturbing game. It’s a fast paced and visually stunning puzzle game. You play as Golem and have to navigate through different rooms and solving puzzles. However, it’s the main protagonist that really makes the game unique. It seems that everyone you meet in the game has a secret identity and you’re basically tasked with figuring out who they are.

One interesting aspect of the game is the amount of clues and the logic involved in trying to figure out who your characters are. I guess it’s only fair that some people would be involved in trying to solve the puzzle. That’s when the whole game becomes really intriguing. The first puzzle I solved was quite tricky, but I managed to do it. For me, this was pretty rewarding and a cool feeling. After that I was able to find several other puzzles that I didn’t know how to solve, so I got around to solving those too. It’s a real shame that the game doesn’t tell you how to get to these other areas though, so it’s not like you can get access to new stuff that way.

The game can really be addictive and it will take you quite a while to finish, but it really is worth it. This is something I wouldn’t recommend for everyone though. There are quite a few puzzles and the graphics can sometimes be a little iffy. However, it’s an extremely unique game and I wouldn’t really be surprised if it got a sequel in the future.