A Look at the Furnace Movie “The Town”

In a movie that is a cross between a suspense thriller, a romance and a coming of age story, “The Town” (directed by Guy Pierce) follows the life of Jesse James (Brad Pitt) a young boy who runs away from his abusive foster family to live with his grandmother and uncle in the quiet town of Winterset, Maine. But when Jesse’s uncle’s wife disappears one day, the police are called in to investigate the case.

Jesse’s investigation leads him to an even more shocking truth – his Uncle Earl had a double life as a ruthless criminal, and Jesse must uncover this hidden past if he hopes to win back his mother. Meanwhile, Russell Baze (Christoph Waltz), a young steelworker working a dead end job, holds tight to his sense of loyalty and duty to family. Then, upon returning from the war, newly widowed Marlo (Emma Watson) moves into Jesse’s home to take care of his three children, but soon finds herself drawn to the town’s notorious crime boss (Woody Harrelson), who seems like a better match than Marlo ever could be.

When Marlo falls for a fellow steelworker, Chuck (Dolph Lundgren), Jesse discovers that his uncle was a secret FBI agent assigned to the town’s future. With the help of his friend and former college pal, Jimmy (Simon Pegg), Jesse learns how to fight his way out of this seemingly hopeless situation. The movie also includes a short interlude in which Jesse tries to find a way to win back Marlo, but the results are much more devastating. But once he does, Jesse realizes that he must take action or risk losing everything he loves forever.