A Few Facts About the Furnace of Rath

There is a furnace of Rath that was introduced by the Frick brothers, Otto and Horst, at the same time as their Eickhorn Company had introduced an invention in the furnace business called the Schooner furnace. It was actually invented to protect their steam boilers from their neighbours’ boilers. These early boilers were electric and had coal, water, air and heat inside the boiler. It did not have the advance features that we have today. The small units came into use in the late 19th century and gradually the Frick brothers introduced the newer design of the pipe-line version of the furnace. This new type of the furnace of Rath became famous as a complete family in one single unit.

The furnace of Rath was still an integral part of the Mamez Corporation and its name was continued even after they were no longer associated with the Frick brothers. This type of the furnace became known as the Mamez furnace, but it was never really popular or widely used. Only the smaller model furnace came to be known as the furnace of Rath and the larger models became the Frick brothers furnace. The current owner of the house of Frick still makes his electrical furnaces that are large in size but he chose to keep the name that he had kept with the other people who used the smaller types of the furnace of Rath.

The owner of the house of Frick, Walter F. Gabben, has given the impression that this furnace of Rath is the most interesting one in the world. This is because there are about two hundred of these furnaces being sold every year and the demand for them is growing continuously. He believes that the demand for the furnaces is getting high so fast because of the interest that the media is showing on this particular type of the furnaces of Rath.