A Brief Overview of an XR100 Condenser

An XR100 Condenser is an economical way to heat a room or space to a desirable temperature in the very least amount of time and with the least amount of energy. With this method, a room can be heated within a minute or less and still maintain that temperature for up to a full day, without having to turn on an electric source, and without having to power heaters. This makes it the cheapest method of heating a room that still provides excellent results. This feature is particularly useful for people who are unable to afford to have central heating.

A room or space can be heated by a XR100 Condenser just as it would be by a standard electric unit. Once the unit is turned on, the heater will be able to do its job in heating the room or space. The quality of the heat produced by the unit is excellent, and the unit can be used for up to eight hours on a single charge. It is an extremely cost effective way to heat a room or space without the need for a heating system of any kind.

The energy output of a unit is considerably lower than that of a conventional heater. This means that the unit needs to be put on a timer, and the machine will only work when it is on. This means that the unit will only heat the room or space, rather than constantly heating it. A disadvantage of the unit is that the air it produces is not suitable for use as a cooling source. It may be used to supplement a regular air conditioning system to provide a cool zone to any rooms that it is attached to.