A Brief Introduction to an Alchemical Furnace

furnace used by alchemists

A Brief Introduction to an Alchemical Furnace

An alchemist is someone who can turn lead into gold and a furnace is usually used by them to do this. The alchemical process of transmuting gold into silver was both metaphorical and literal meaning for the alchemists who made use of it. The first crucible was used for the transmutation of silver into gold and later for the transmutation of lead to silver. The Crucible series on the other hand refers to the successful transmutation process caused by a quest undertaken by alchemist.

Alchemy was a science which involved an interaction of matter with the medium through which it moved. The alchemist, as a rule, worked with metals and with elements. He or she mixed these metals together to create the mixture, which they would later purify using certain processes. The process involved using fire or heat in order to transform the metals into a different form and then to use the different forms again to make new metals. This was done until the desired result was achieved. In this way alchemy was a way of making use of heat or fire to create useful items which could be used in our daily lives.

Although most of the alchemical furnace are not made of precious metals, there are some that do have precious metals incorporated in them. Most of the furnaces are made from copper, since it has been used for ages by alchemist and its properties allow it to burn well. It is however very important to keep the furnaces clean because if they are not clean, it is possible for the metals which were transformed to go bad and this will result in the loss of the metals that were transformed.